Bankless DAO

Complete these tasks to start your Bankless Journey! 🏴🚀

Score 0 / 2200


🔑 Create a Web3 wallet (100 points)mainnet

Visit and install a wallet to start your Bankless journey.

🏴 OG Bankless Member (400 points)mainnet

Bankless subscribers who own a Bankless POAP from 2020 or 2021.

🌐 Join Bankless DAO and vote on Snapshot (400 points)mainnet

Participate in (off-chain) governance using Snapshot and vote on min. 1 proposal.

📚 Bankless Learner (400 points)mainnet

Complete lessons on Bankless Academy and collect POAPs as Proof of Learning.

✌️ Own a DAO Punk (400 points)mainnet

Liberate yourself from corporation and join a DAO! For all DAO Punk NFT owners.

🗺 Own a Bankless Location (400 points)mainnet

Own a Bankless Location NFT to own a piece of DAO culture.

🎙 Listen to Crypto Sapiens (100 points)mainnet

Join Crypto Sapiens live events and receive a listener POAP.

Created by @wslyvh. Code on Github.