Basic Web3 - Verifier Example

Basic Web3 journey with address, ETH, ERC20, NFT on mainnet and polygon

Score 0 / 2500


Have a wallet address (100 points)mainnet

You need a wallet address to enter Web3 universe.

Have ETH in wallet (400 points)mainnet

Own some ETH. Using verifier `has-ETH`

Have MATIC in polygon wallet (400 points)matic

Own some MATIC on polygon. Using verifier `has-ETH`

ERC20: has 10+ ENS Token (400 points)mainnet

Own 10+ ENS ERC20 Token. Using verifier `has-token-ERC20`

ERC20: has WETH on polygon (400 points)matic

Own some WETH (Wrapped ETH, ERC20 Token) on polygon. Using verifier `has-token-ERC20`

Own an ERC721 NFT (400 points)mainnet

Own an ENS NFT(ERC721). Using verifier `has-nft-ERC721`

Own an ERC721 NFT on polygon (400 points)matic

Own an NFT on Polygon network. Using verifier `has-token-ERC721`

Created by @wslyvh. Code on Github.