This quest allows you to claim a Proof of Competence early adopter POAP. Thank you for being here!

Score 0 / 500


Have a wallet address (100 points)mainnet

You need a wallet address to enter Web3 universe.

ENS (100 points)mainnet

Register your unique ENS name at https://app.ens.domains/.

BrightID (100 points)mainnet

BrightID https://www.brightid.org/ is a social identity network that allows you to prove that you're only using one account.

Proof of Humanity (100 points)mainnet

Register yourself and get vouched by an existing member of the PoH community at https://www.proofofhumanity.id/

Self.ID (100 points)mainnet

Create a Self.ID profile at https://self.id/ and connect at least 1 social connection to your profile.

Created by @wslyvh. Code on Github.